Kiwanishilfe für Ukraine

Samstag, 12. März 2022

We are living in difficult times. Our friends in Ukraine are suffering, and many, many children are suffering too. We hope that this terrible war will end soon, but we cannot wait for the end. As Kiwanians, as human beings, we cannot just stand by, we have to help the children as much as we can.
Many European districts and clubs are already doing a lot. Especially our clubs on the border with Ukraine are very active, helping the people in Ukraine and taking in refugees.

Wir unterstützen die Ukrainehilfe mit Euro 2.000,--

LU21 0023 1479 8587 6100
Mention: "Ukraine refugees

These donations will go directly to the local clubs on the Romanian border that are helping the refugees.
Secondly, support refugees coming to your region. There are many things they could need: Shelter, food, clothes, blankets - find out what they need and work with your local networks to help them.
We thank you for all you do! Let's be strong together for the children and stand against violence and war.

Gabriele – KC Vaslui
In our area we have already more and more refugees who stay in a camp. In this context, needs have changed to basic food and sanitary cleaning products. Of course, food products are in high demand. Today we bought toilet paper, disinfectants, wet wipes, soap, shampoo, pasta, oil, still water.